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Chris Gilmer, Campus President.  A.A. East Central Community College, B.S. University of Southern Mississippi, M.A., Mississippi College, Ph.D. University of Southern Mississippi. 304-788-6812.

Leadership Team:

Krista Campbell, Executive Assistant to the Campus President, B.A., Southeastern University, Lakeland, FL. 304-788-6812,

Phillip D. Douthitt,  Dean of Academic Affairs, A.A., Potomac State College; B.A., West Virginia University; MBA, West Virginia University. 304-788-6960.

Scott McVicker,   Executive Director of Finance , B.S. Management, St. John Fisher University, Rochester, NY; M.B.A., Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD; College Business Management Institute, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY. 304-788-6922.  

Micah Pears, Director of Facilities and Strategic Infrastructure, B.A. History, Washington and Jefferson College, Washington, PA. 304-788-6884.

Brady Whipkey, Senior Advisor to the Campus President, US Army. 304-788-6823.

Christine Hess, Interim Executive Director of Enrollment Management and University Relations, A.A.S. Potomac State College, R.B.A. West Virginia University, M.A. West Virginia University. 304-788-6819.

Faculty Chairs

Erin Cunningham,  Chairperson, STEM  Division; Professor, Biology; M.S. in Biology, Duquesne University; B.S. in Biology, Frostburg State University. 304-788-6992.

Cassandra Pritts,  Chairperson, Liberal Arts  Division;  Professor, History;  B.S. in History, Frostburg State University;  M.A. in History, Duquesne University.  304-788-6954.

Heidi B. Samuels, Chairperson, Applied Sciences Division; Associate Professo r, Criminal Justice ; B.A., Marshall University; M.S. Marshall University; Ed. D., West Virginia University. 304-788-6916.

Richard Petersen, Chair of the Faculty Assembly; M.S. Applied Mathematics and Ph.D. Mathematics, North Carolina State University. 304-788-7105.